InfantSEE Eye Care

InfantSEE Eye Care

Infinite Eye Care is proud to be an InfantSEE provider in Central Minnesota. Child wellness checkups are recommended for infants from 6 months to 1 year old. Call us to make this free evaluation a part of your child’s checkup.

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Establishing Child Care

Potential life-affecting diseases, like child strabismus or amblyopia, can be identified in the first year of life. 1 in 10 children is at risk for undiagnosed vision problems and diseases. Ask us about how InfantSEE can protect your child.

What is Child Strabismus Care?

4% of children in the US have child strabismus. This condition causes the eye to wander visibly but can be corrected by a knowledgeable team. For the best child strabismus infant care in Central Minnesota, rely on Infinite Eye Care.

What is Amblyopia?

Around 3% of children are born with amblyopia. This condition, also known as Lazy Eye, can cause one eye to see less efficiently. Left untreated, this can cause permanent vision loss. We can diagnose and treat this condition, utilizing the latest equipment and research available.

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