Ocular Allergy Services

Ocular Allergy Services

Eye allergies are common for many of our patients. The most common eye allergy symptoms are red and itchy eyes. When you experience these symptoms, you can rely on Infinite Eye Care for help.

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Common Causes of Ocular Allergies

There are many causes of ocular allergies, including plants, mold, animal dander, and various flora. These eye allergies may be seasonal or year-round, but each one triggers the same reaction in your eyes. When your body recognizes an antigen, it produces histamine—leading to red and itchy eyes.

Treatments for Eye Allergies

When you require treatment for eye allergies, Infinite Eye Care can help. Rubbing your eyes will only exacerbate eye allergy symptoms and lead to more irritation. Over the counter medications may help, but most allergic reactions of the eyes will require a prescription. Our staff will help you understand your options and work with you treat ocular allergies.

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